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The Statewide School Finance Consortium (SSFC) is an organization of nearly 360 New York State public school districts whose mission is to bring equity to the distribution of New York State educational aid. SSFC membership is largely comprised of school districts from average and low-wealth communities that receive a disproportionate share of state funding in comparison to high-wealth regions of New York. The reform of the state aid process will help ensure that all of New York’s children receive the same educational opportunities regardless of the wealth or location of their community.



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Dr. Rick Timbs, the Executive Director of SSFC, is the foremost expert on the State Aid formula for school districts and is a specialist on the struggles schools face because of inequitable distribution.

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Charlie Charles Borgognoni has had an extensive career in public affairs and strategic communications in both the private and public sectors. Prior to joining the Central New York School Boards Association, Charles was a partner with Rabin Strategic Partners, a New York City consultancy where he provided strategic counsel and program support to clients in the areas of corporate affairs, public affairs, communications and public policy.


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Dr. Timbs discusses the recent report released by the S S F C grading N Y Senate Members on job performance in their districts in regards to education.

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These photos above were taken at Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES at a presentation to our school district members concerning our assessment of NYS government. Click on the number next to each photo for a hi-res version that can be used for broadcast and publication with permission of SSFC.

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Jan 4, 2012 - PRESS RELEASE: SSFC reacts to Governor Cuomo's State of the State Address on 1/4/12 pdf 

Dec 1, 2011 - PRESS RELEASE: State Aid Formulas and NY Senate members
are shortchanging our schools, children and communities  pdf

Dec 12, 2011 - PRESS RELEASE: Statewide School Finance Consortium Responds to Board of Regents Proposal to Change NYS Education Aid Formula read




- Elba Central School District advocacy presentation on the true impact of the 2% property tax levy, Dec. 3, 2011 >view presentation

- Presentation, State Aid Formulas and New York Senate Not Making the Grade for Our Schools, Children & Communities, Dec. 1, 2011 >view presentation

- Presentation, Suggestions for interacting with state legislators, Part II, SSFC Annual Conference, Nov, 14 and Nov. 16, 2011 >View

- Presentation, Analysis of NYS senators representing SSFC member districts, Part II, SSFC Annual Conference, Nov, 14 and Nov. 16, 2011 >View

- Data You Need to Know SSFC East: SSFC Conference Part 1, September 2011-Much of the information included in this data set shows the impact of enacted state aid cuts on lower wealth districts compared to wealthier districts – including per-pupil cuts by county and inequities with the Foundation Aid Formula and how it seriously hurts the poorest school districts in the state. You will also find charts that highlight key elements in school aid changes for 2010-11 and 2011-12 (in $billions) and a look at the 2% tax levy cap impacts for school districts View

- Tax Cap Model, from Nov. 2011: SSFC Conference Part 2, November 2011 -The information included in this data set shows MODELS to explain the 2% tax levy cap and its complicated, multi-step equation. There are many unanswered questions about the 2% tax levy cap, which will affect school districts to varying degrees. REMINDER, the data here is a MODEL only.

- Dec 1, 2011 -  SSFC REPORT: State Aid Formulas and NY Senate members are shortchanging our schools, children and communities read report

- If tax cap was in place for 2011-12 vote and budget limits for 2012-13 >pdf file

- Tax Cap Ceiling from low to high Nov2010 >pdf file

- Tax Cap Impact <view

- Tax Cap Impact Chart (XLS) >click HERE

- Tax Cap Impact >click HERE

- Property Tax Report Card: budget levy enrollment data report (5/4/11) >click HERE

- Property Tax Report Card: fund balance data (5/4/11) >click HERE


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Video 1: Property Tax Cap Caution - This video clearly explains the challenges New York School Districts now face under the State's Property Tax Cap (7:25) - View For a broadcast version of this video, please contact Janet at 315-463-1904.