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NEW DATA AND PRESENTATION (updated March 21, 2012)


Here's new data and an example presentation that you can use to show your public and legislators just how much your district has lost over the last few years.

Read the summary and description here

Download the data here.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dr. Rick Timbs has added new Data that you can utilize here from the website. We have analyzed the Governor’s Executive Budget Proposal’s impact on school districts and have suggestions for improvements- critically needed improvements.

It must be clear that their continued advocacy effort hinge, in part, on these data. We continue to press for the legislators to convince the Governor that every penny of the $250 million of Performance Grant monies be reallocated for distribution to fiscally distressed low and average wealth school districts across the state in an equitable formula.

Item 1: Executive Summary of Graphs Demonstrating the Effect of the Proposed 2012 Executive Budget - click here
This is a written explanation of the effects of the proposed 2012 Executive Budget. It includes what works and what still needs improvement.
Item 2: Distribution and Impact Graphs with Notes on Graphs- click here
This is prepared for your use so that an audience will be able to see our conclusions as they view the graph
Item 3: Distribution and Impact Graphs with Notes - click here
This is prepared for you to use so that an audience will have handouts and can make notes, as needed


Canton & Potsdam Communities Develop Signature advocacy Plan, Effort – North Country Now News. This is a very effective movement that you could start in your district. view

Here's a great example of a Superintendent who put together a very effective Power Point presentation. You can do the same for your district. This advocacy tool was put together by Tully Superintendent Kraig D. Pritts and Business Administrator Tiffany Nesbitt as part of the Tully Board of Education's ongoing community communication process. It highlights the shortfalls, tough choices and unanswered questions the district faces in putting together a budget for 2012-13. view

Advocacy Toolkit developed by Mike Ford, the Super at Phelps-Clifton Springs. Well-done and easily adaptable for any school district. View this very informative tool from Mike Ford (requires MicrSoft Word) view

MIKE FORD: HOW TO SECURE, INFORM, ACTIVATE AND GUIDE YOUR STAKEHOLDERS View this very informative tool from Mike Ford (requires MS Powerpoint) Download


REGENTS REPORT ON STATE AID Each year, the New York State Board of Regents Subcommittee on State Aid develops its 2012- 13 State Aid proposal for School Districts. A key element of this process the inclusion of the Statewide School Finance Consortium with educators, researchers and policymakers to review their ideas and proposals in development. SSFC Exec Dir, Dr. Rick Timbs, was a participant in the a recent meeting and provided suggestions for state aid changes. Click here

4 POINT PLAN TO BRING COSTS UNDER CONTROL View the SSFC 4-Point Plan to bring your district's costs down - click here

LEGISLATIVE TOOLKIT View our Legislative Toolkit - click here


Loss of State Aid Map Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 2% Tax Cap and cuts in aid has placed many school districts in jeopardy. The inequitable distribution of aid and the lack of promised mandate relief, places a burden on students. This map of NYS shows which area's are hit hardest and the per-pupil loss in State Aid across the state. click here to view map

Create Your Own 'Tale of Two Districts'
Click here for helpful tools and create a presentation customized for your district.


Erie County Association of School Boards Legislative Presentation - Feb 12, 2011
Click here
for presentation tools


FACTOIDS 2010 - click here to view


An Interactive Tax Cap Spreadsheet

Download Interactive Tax Cap Spreadsheet click here
(This worksheet displays the potential impact of a Tax Cap on any school district's Budget and Levy. It will help readers realize the severity of the proposed Tax Cap on a district’s ability to fund and maintain programs and staff. Try it out in your own district. The results will be revealing.

Highlights of the Actual Impact of a 2% School Property Tax Cap
A school property tax cap would not have the same impact on every school district in the state and would be much more harmful to low-wealth school districts. No school district in the state would actually be able to increase spending by the full 2% cap. The highest percentage spending increase would be closer to 1.9% More than half of the school districts in the state would be limited to spending increases of less than 1%. The poorest one hundred school districts in the state would be limited to spending increases each year of less than one-half of one percent, with the average being 4/10 of 1%.

The wealthiest one hundred school districts in the state would be permitted to increase their spending the most, ranging from 1.6% to 1.9%. The average being 1.7%, more than 4 times the spending increase possible for the 100 poorest districts.

Data Sets and Models School Districts Should Examine for

SSFC STUDY: If tax cap was in place for 2011-2012 vote and budget limits for 2012-13 PDF 1.1 MB
Average and below average districts will be hurt!

Tax cap…2%...low to high
A look ahead to the budget increase possible for each district should a 2% tax cap become law from the lowest increases for districts to the highest. >link

***Read an urgent message from Rick Timbs regarding the Tax Cap [click]

Read the May 25, 2011 SSFC press release & see our video that details serious consequences in New York State if a 2% property tax cap is enacted: [Click here]

***Sample Letter that can be used to show the plight of rural NY schools

[Click here for download of .doc file]