•Letter to Governor Cuomo- A must-read from William Snyder of Byron-Bergen CSD >read






- Maine-Endwell survey seeks feedback programs exceeding levy- Sample letter

- Sample letter to your NYS Representatives- Sample Letter

- Sample Letter that can be used to show the plight of Upstate NY schools [Click here for download of .doc file]

- Advocacy Outreach by Ilion School District -click here


***Urgent: You can still join the fight! Our 'Tax Cap Caution Video' demonstrates the devestation caused by the Governor's Tax Cap.

You can help by: A) Posting the video to your district website with a message urging folks to contact state legislators that represent your school district.

B) Forwarding the links below to colleagues and concerned parties

C) Sharing the video with your community and district stakeholders (for example: your Board of Education, PTA, booster clubs, chamber of commerce,

local newspaper)…urging them to post it on their website and to also contact their state legislators.


Time is of the essence. Many other organizations, school districts and individuals from around the state are weighing in and we need to add a strong Upstate voice to the debate.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions, need data, or anything else that would be of help.

- Download video: click here | YouTube version: click here

copy and forward links below:

-YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGOt9yyQR6A

-Download link: https://files.me.com/billkeeler1/upb9rl.mov