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Presentation Material

Below you can find resources that were discussed at the forums. Review them, use them, share them!
Auburn Presentation
North-Syracuse Presentation

Find out how your district would make out under the currently proposed Governor’s budget.
C-O, T-S-T BOCES District Numbers
O-C-M, CiTi BOCES District Numbers

Is this going to cut it for you? If not, keep on reading below how you can help advocate for your children. What are the next steps you can take as a school board member, administrator, booster club leader, parent, etc. to let your legislators know what you need  from them.
What You Can Do

Use our resources to help you prepare for talking to your legislators. The Advocacy Tool Kit will walk you through the process and provide you with contact information for all state lawmakers. Know the issues and what to ask from your representatives.
Advocacy Tool Kit
The Key Issues
NY Senators Contact Information
NY Assembly Member Contact Information

Reach out to your legislators from the comfort of your smart phone. Your message is only a tweet, fb post or email away. Not enough time to come up with your own content? Follow us on twitter and facebook and retweet/share our messages. You can also use the twitter handle @CNYSBA to tag us or hashtags #CNYSchoolsInPeril and #NYSbudget in your messages.
Advocacy From Your Seat
Sample Tweets / Facebook Messages
Sample Letter to Assembly Member
Sample Letter to Senator

Forum Coverage

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