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Dr. Rick Timbs testimony at the NYS Senate Standing Committee on Education

December 3, 2019 in New York City

Capitol Pressroom on WCNY

Reaction to current issues impacting education - changes to ESSA, APPR, school finances, school security (9/17/18)

Thoughts on school aid runs (1/23/18)

Keeler In The Morning on WIBX 950
Impact of Governor’s budget proposal on education (1/18/18)


Rick Timbs reacts to Governor’s call for education reform (Capitol Pressroom).  Listen

SSFC Executive Director Dr. Rick Timbs shared reaction to the departure of State Education Commissioner John King (who is leaving New York for a post with the Obama Administration) on the Thursday (Dec. 11) edition of  ”The Capitol Pressroom” with host Susan Arbetter.  Listen


SSFC’s Dr. Rick Timbs and Port Byron’s Supt., Neil O’Brien, talk education funding in a roundtable discussion hosted by WCNY Capitol Correspondent Susan Arbetter.


Watch the roundtable on WCNY’s “Insight” (Aug. 29 episode):  CLICK HERE

Listen to the roundtable on “The Capitol Pressroom” (Sept. 1 podcast): CLICK HERE 

SSFC’s Dr. Rick Timbs talks public education funding and the GEA on Rochester public radio station WXXI (July 31). CLICK HERE TO LISTEN