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9/1/20 Dr. Rick Timbs on Capital Tonight

(Screenshot Spectrum News Capital Tonight)

(Screenshot Spectrum News Capital Tonight)

Dr. Rick Timbs of the Statewide School Finance Consortium was on Capital Tonight with Susan Arbetter on Tuesday and he concluded that due to COVID-19 and budget cuts, “schools are in an impossible situation.”

Districts have had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on COVID-19-related expenses that were unbudgeted, things like masks, thermometers and disinfectant.

And Timbs says that’s not the end to the challenges districts are facing.

“Simultaneously, the governor has put a tolling on the statute of limitations on new borrowing, so districts that needed to get the roof fixed or other capital project work that were going to borrow to do the capital project, are hindered because they can’t meet certain notification regulations because the courts are closed.”

In other words, when districts borrow, members of the public can object, but without the courts being open to take new cases, that regulation has gone out the window.

Timbs says districts are facing a spectrum of issues as they face re-opening, either in person or not.  -Capital Tonight

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