SSFC Director Dr. Rick Timbs Named to Education Power 100

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Dr. Rick Timbs, the Executive Director of the Statewide School Finance Consortium was recently named to the 2021 Power 100 by City & State New York.

Rick Timbs’ Statewide School Finance Consortium represents more than 400 public school districts, and the group seeks more equity in how state school aid is distributed. Last fall, Timbs warned that school districts were in an “impossible situation,” with looming budget cuts and unexpected expenses to protect against COVID-19. And this month, he said there wasn’t much clarity from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget proposal about how the state might help. -City & State

Dr. Timbs is a frequent presenter at workshops and conferences and has written numerous articles on educational development, use of data to improve instruction, educational finance, leadership and governance. As president and CEO of R.G. Timbs Advisory Group, Inc., he is a consultant to various educational finance entities and continues to provide a variety of research studies, development projects, strategic planning initiatives and mentorship roles across the state.

Recently, Timbs has been giving a presentation as part of the Central New York School Boards Association in the Syracuse area, at CNYSBA’s 2021 Legislative Forum for school districts. Timbs discusses the uncertainty in New York for school districts as they attempt to plan for a reduction in New York State Aid, due to COVID-19 influenced shortfalls in NYS finances. Information on the Legislative Forums is available at CNYSBA’s website.

Dr. Timbs is ranked 51st in the City and State Power 500, up from 54th in 2020. This year’s top 3 are: 1) Betty Rosa, interim State Education Department Commissioner; 2) Richard Carranza, NYC Department of Education; and, 3) Lester Young, Chancellor, New York State Board of Regents.

View the complete City & State Power 100 here: 51-100 1-99.

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